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About Us

Welcome to Harry & Cece! We are a Canadian online boutique that seeks to celebrate and empower Latin American designers and their brands. We believe that Latin American fashion is going to revolutionize the industry given the quality of raw materials each country has to offer as well as the amount of talent these designers have. Our goal is to give them a platform to share their incredible work with you. We have hand picked each brand to ensure that their collections are made with materials that are representative of where they are from, in addition to praising their creativity in design and tailoring. Get ready to discover your new favourite brands with us.

Meet the Founders

Hi! We are Maemi & Saori. We are sisters who were born and raised in Peru and currently live in Vancouver, BC. We decided to create Harry & Cece because we believe that Latin American designers have incredible things to offer that the world hasn't seen yet. Our company is an homage to our parents who have supported us every step of the way.

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Claire de Lune was started in Lima, Peru by its founder Carmen Glaser. Using 100% Pima cotton is key to be able to provide the softest products that everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed in. Their goal is to produce beautifully made loungewear that people will want to live in. Claire de Lune is on its way to becoming a global brand; it currently has sellers in Peru, USA, Taiwan & now in Canada.

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The definition of Saya is: “Women Who Always Stand Tall”. TheirProducts made by and for SAYA women. Peruvian artisans, goldsmiths and weavers of infinite talent whose traditional techniques are applied to contemporary creations, always using our finest indigenous materials and fibers such as Alpaca and our so valued Pima cotton. They create opportunities, preserve their culture, identity and tradition by designing timeless collections. Clothes, accessories and home pieces ethically made in Peru.

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Meche Correa is creative director of her own brand. In her long career she has achieved a great national and international recognition. Her brand represents an ethical and responsible lifestyle given that the preservation and care for our planet should be our top priority.
She strives to work hand in hand with Peruvian artisans, with a lot of love and respect, because through them still we can enjoy Peru's extraordinary culture.

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